Corporate Governance

Redwood’s Board of Directors and senior management team are committed to effective corporate governance. To achieve this, the Board maintains three standing committees: the Audit Committee, the Governance and Nominating Committee, and the Compensation Committee. The Board and its three committees conduct regularly scheduled meetings and may also hold special meetings, to review key business initiatives and opportunities. We also have a Code of Ethics and a set of Corporate Governance Standards that provide a framework for operating standards and ethics at Redwood outlining what we expect of all our officers, directors, and employees. Good corporate governance is not simply corporate compliance; it is also maintaining practices that represent strong business ethics.

The Board has the following three Committees, all of which are comprised solely of independent non-employee directors:

  • The Audit Committee provides assistance to Redwood's directors and management in fulfilling their responsibility to the stockholders, potential stockholders, and the investment community relating to corporate accounting, reporting practices of Redwood, the quality and integrity of the financial reports and controls of Redwood, the auditors' qualifications and independence, the performance of the auditors and internal audit function, and the compliance by Redwood with legal and regulatory matters.
  • The Governance and Nominating Committee considers and develops governance principles for the Company and establishes the requirements and qualifications for members of the Board. In consultation with the Chairman, the committee recommends candidates for election to the Company's Board of Directors.
  • The Compensation Committee has oversight responsibility for the compensation and benefit programs for executive officers and other employees, and advises the Board on director compensation.

The Company's Code of Ethics set forth the guiding principles of business ethics and certain legal requirements applicable to our Board of Directors and all employees. Anyone can report an ethics or compliance concern or violation by calling our Ethics and Compliance Hotline at 800-743-4706 or emailing

The Company's Corporate Governance Standards set forth the guiding principles of the responsibilities of the Board of Directors.

The Company's Policy Regarding Majority Voting sets forth policies relating to majority voting for Directors in uncontested elections.