Redwood Trust offers existing stockholders an economical and convenient way to reinvest their dividends. Through our Dividend Reinvestment Plan, you can automatically reinvest all or a percentage of your Redwood Trust dividends to acquire additional common stock at a 0% to 3% discount, without incurring fees or paying commissions. IRA Accounts are not eligible to participate in this plan.

We are pleased to announce that we will offer a 1% discount from the Market Price (as defined in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan) for quarterly dividends reinvested, beginning with the dividend payable on December 28, 2018.

If you have previously elected to reinvest some or all of your dividends, dividend reinvestment will continue but with a discount to the Market Price. Participation is voluntary and open to all shareholders. Dividend Reinvestment Plan participants may change your elections or withdraw from the Dividend Reinvestment Plan with respect to all or a portion of the shares held in your Dividend Reinvestment Plan account at any time by accessing your account online at or by contacting Computershare at (888) 472-1955.

Shareholders of record who own shares of our stock in his or her own name interested in enrolling in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan may contact Computershare to participate directly in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan. Stockholders who beneficially own shares of our stock that are registered in a name other than his or her own name, for example, in the name of a broker, bank, or other nominee, must either become a record owner by having shares transferred into his or her own name or coordinating with his or her broker, bank, or other nominee to participate in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan on his or her behalf.

Redwood Trust has determined that it is in the best interest of the existing shareholders at this time that we not offer shares for sale under our Direct Stock Purchase Program’s Optional Cash Payment feature. This applies to purchases of $10,000 or less, and to purchases over $10,000 that require a waiver from Redwood.

Please click here to review the Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan Prospectus (dated June 3, 2016) for a detailed explanation of the terms and conditions of the Plan, or alternatively, contact the Redwood Trust Investor Relations representative at for further information.

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